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Ant Removal Essentials: Strategies For A Clean And Bug-Free Space In Sioux Falls

February 02, 2024 - Ants

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What bug bugs you the most? For many homeowners here in Sioux Falls, ants are the most bothersome bug. This is for a good reason. They are one of the most prevalent insect invaders. Unlike many other common pests, ants have no problem actively crawling through kitchens, living rooms, and other interior spaces during the day. They also have no problem causing some fairly serious issues indoors.

If you do not want to find different types of ants crawling around your Sioux Falls home, here are some removal and prevention essentials. Reach out to Olson’s Pest Technicians to find out how we handle these and other common local pests. We will break down our options for ant control in the Sioux Falls area and help you decide on a treatment plan for your home. 

How To Identify Common Ants In Sioux Falls

Sioux Falls is home to a wide range of common ant species. Two common types of ants you should know about are pavement ants and carpenter ants. The pavement ant is ?” long and has a dark brown or black body. You can identify this bug by where it builds its nest. As you might assume, pavement ants build around paved areas, like driveways, sidewalks, and streets. They also like to establish homes next to local structures so that they can invade more easily.

Carpenter ants are the same way but take things to an extreme. Identify one of these bugs by its red, black, or red and black body and its large body and head. This insect works with its friends to build massive nests inside structures of wood. They will regularly build inside lumber and trees. To find out what types of ants you are dealing with, schedule your home for an inspection. 

Why Ants Can Be So Problematic For Homeowners

Ants are not the most problematic pests here in Sioux Falls. They are, however, the most annoying. Having these bugs skittering around your living areas all day is stressful.

What is even more stressful is having carpenter ants chewing tunnels through your walls. Although they are not as destructive as termites and much easier to identify, they can still cause a fair amount of damage given enough time. Talk with Olson’s Pest Technicians about your ant control options if you want to keep these bugs at bay. 

Ant Prevention: How To Remove Attracting Factors

Preventing an active ant infestation can be a challenge. If you like challenges, here are some preventative strategies that will help you avoid these pests. 

  • Address gaps, holes, and cracks around your home’s exterior with a caulking gun and some silicone caulk.

  • Seal exterior windows and doors using things like weatherstripping and door sweeps.

  • Clean your home often and thoroughly.

  • Fix sections of your home’s wood that are moisture-damaged.

These are just a few great prevention tips to start with. If you would like better control options, talk with our team about our effective residential ant control plans. 

Quality Ant Control For Your Sioux Falls Home

You do not have to worry about ants getting into your home. With professionals on your side, you can find permanent freedom from all sorts of common pest problems. Let your dedicated team at Olson’s Pest Technicians pay you a visit to assess your ant troubles and find a dedicated solution to combat these pests on your behalf.

Our experts will make sure these bugs get the boot. Reach out to Olson's Pest Technicians now to discover more about our advanced Sioux Falls ant and pest control and make an appointment for your home.

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