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Don't Let Pavement Ants Take Over Your Sioux Falls Property

June 15, 2022 - Ants

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Pavement ants may be tiny, but they can be a significant nuisance and quickly take over your Sioux Falls property if an infestation is left to grow out of control. Our article will help you defeat pavement ants in Sioux Falls and discusses getting rid of pavement ants in your home with Sioux Falls pest control and proactive prevention techniques.

Why Are There Pavement Ants On My Sioux Falls Property?

Pavement ants are light brown to black in color, with their legs being slightly lighter in coloration than the rest of their body. They don't grow more than 3 mm in length and can be a major problem once they've invaded your home.

In general, pavement ants will be found on your Sioux Falls property because they've found an easy source of food, water, or shelter (or all of these essential items) and have decided to start nesting in the area.

To eliminate pavement ants, you will need to identify what is attracting this pest to your property in the first place.

What Attracts Pavement Ants?

To understand how to get rid of pavement ants, you should be paying attention to the factors around your home that attract this pest:

  • Food sources high in protein and sugar are a favorite among pavement ants. They will seek these out in your yard and home.
  • Warm temperatures and excess moisture also attract pavement ants; having leaks around your home or other moisture issues can encourage this ant to move in.
  • Cracks in pavement or gaps and cracks around your home can be a significant draw for pavement ants who love to congregate in these areas.
  • Pavement ants will often eat other insects. If you're dealing with major pest problems, it could attract pavement ants into the mix. 

Keep in mind that reducing or completely removing these factors can naturally help you get rid of pavement ants.

The Best Way To Deter Pavement Ants

The following prevention tips can help you deter pavement ants from infesting your property:

  • Address moisture issues and leaks around your home and ensure proper drainage in your yard, stopping excess water pools from attracting pavement ants.
  • Clean up food and drink spills as soon as possible, don't leave out leftover food, and store all waste in tightly sealed bags. Also, make an effort to use trash cans with lids and remove access to outdoor pet food to stop pavement ants from scavenging around your home.
  • Seal up cracks around your home's windows, doors, and foundation to stop pavement ants from seeking warm shelter and slipping inside.
  • Treat pest prey issues in your yard and home to remove any potential feeding source for pavement ants to pursue.

You should note that while these tips can deter ant invasions, only our experts at Olson's Pest Technicians can help you eliminate an active, widespread pavement ant infestation.

Getting Rid Of Pavement Ants Permanently

If pavement ants in your house and around your yard are causing you significant problems, you need a way to permanently get rid of this pest, and our specialists at Olson's Pest Technicians can help you out.

At Olson's Pest Technicians, we have years of pest control experience and professional equipment, so infestations of this pest will be dealt with effectively using customized treatment plans. You can quickly reclaim your home from nuisance ant invaders for good.

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