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The Trick To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Sioux Falls Home

November 15, 2022 - Bed Bugs

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A bed bug infestation is one of the worst pest problems anyone can experience. These pests are notorious for being incredibly difficult to get rid of, especially without professional help. At Olson’s Pest Technicians, we specialize in identifying, eliminating, and preventing bed bugs by providing comprehensive professional pest control in Sioux Falls. Since 1966, we have been helping Sioux Falls residents get a full night’s sleep without experiencing bed bug bites. If you are struggling with these horrible pests, know that you’re not alone; we are ready to help you get back to living your life today. Read on to learn more about these pests and how we can help you!

Clear Signs Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

It’s very important to know the signs of bed bugs, because sometimes, bed bugs can look like other bugs. However, if it is in fact bed bugs you have, there will be some other tell-tale signs that confirm this. Below are some of the most common things you’ll see if you have bed bugs in your home:

  • Eggs and shed skins: If your infestation is severe enough, you will begin to notice eggs and shed skins in your mattress, carpets, and furniture. This means the bed bugs are breeding and growing.
  • Blood stains: Because bed bugs are parasites that feed on the blood of a host, finding blood stains on your bed sheets is one of the most surefire signs of bed bugs.
  • Excrement: Bed bugs will leave behind dark or rust-colored spots anywhere they are active, so you are most likely to find them on your mattress, bedsheets, and walls. 
  • Foul odor: Bed bugs have a distinct odor that many describe as "musty" and "offensive." This will also be present anywhere the bed bugs are hiding out.

The pest management professionals at Olson’s Pest Technicians have a combined 80 years of experience identifying and dealing with bed bug infestations. If you aren’t sure what you’re dealing with, it’s better to be safe than sorry; give us a call for help today!

A Bed Bug Infestation Only Gets Worse With Time 

One of the reasons professional bed bug removal services are so important early on in the infestation is that the longer an infestation goes uninterrupted, the worse it will get. Bed bugs are prolific breeders, with females laying up to five eggs a day. During this time, you might also unknowingly be introducing even more bed bugs to your home, making the problem even worse. At the first sign of these pests, give the professional bed bug exterminators at Olson’s Pest Technicians a call. We’ll put a stop to the infestation before it has a chance to grow.

Why Bed Bugs Are So Hard To Prevent

With most pest infestations, there are concrete steps you can take to actively prevent them. Unfortunately, bed bugs are one of the more difficult pests to prevent because they are everywhere, and all it takes to contract them is to be exposed to them. You can pick them up by setting your bags down on a cushion or carpet that is infested, or by sleeping in a hotel bed that has them. Your kids can pick them up by visiting a friend’s house, and you can even get them while using public transportation. Aside from being aware of your surroundings, there is not much one can do to prevent an infestation. If you are unfortunate enough to be exposed to them, the best bed bug control in Sioux Falls is on standby, ready to help you today!

The Best Way To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Home

There is a variety of over-the-counter products available at your local store that all claim to kill bed bugs. However, the best pest control to kill bed bugs is by having one of the pest management professionals at Olson’s Pest Technicians come and help you. We use the most powerful tools available on the professional market to root out and eliminate entire infestations, ensuring your home is bed bug-free afterward. Don’t waste your time and money on products that won’t help you; let us help you get back to a full night’s sleep today.

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