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Pest Control In Worthing, SD

Those who live in Worthing, South Dakota, often appreciate how quiet and peaceful this little town is. But if there's one thing that can disrupt that peace, it's a pest problem in your Worthing home or business. The good news is that Olson's Pest Technicians is here to help no matter how big the problem is. 

Here's what Worthing homeowners should know about our home and commercial pest control services, how you could be wrong about bed bugs, and how Lincoln County pest control can help you combat termites. 

Residential Pest Control In Worthing

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Your Worthing home may be your biggest responsibility, and at Olson's Pest Technicians, it's our responsibility too. When you work with us to deter pests, you can expect – a detailed inspection to determine how pests are getting into your home, customized and effective treatment plans, and follow-up services to ensure you won't have to deal with the burden of a pest infestation again. 

In addition to our basic home pest control services, we offer a variety of specialty services, including bat control, bed bug control, and termite control. Dating back to 1966 Olson's Pest Technicians have the experience and dedication to make pests a thing of the past. Call us today to schedule an inspection for your Worthing home. 

Commercial Pest Control In Worthing

At Olson's Pest Technicians we know just how many issues a pest infestation can cause your business. From damaging your property to spreading disease and impacting your reputation, it's essential that pests are kept out of your commercial property.

We provide reliable commercial pest control services to a variety of industries, including schools, nursing homes, grain storage facilities, vacation rentals, food processing facilities, and property management companies. With over 80 years of combined experience in the pest control industry we serve a large area of the Upper Midwest and understand how to customize our services to meet the unique needs of each customer. We guarantee our services and offer emergency and same-day assistance. Call today to find out how we can help your business. 

Five Ways You Could Be Wrong About Worthing Bed Bugs

There are plenty of myths that circulate about bed bugs and the signs of bed bugs. Here are five ways you could be wrong about these biting pests: 

  • Myth #1: Bed bugs spread disease. There are plenty of pests responsible for spreading disease, but bed bugs aren't one of them. However, that doesn't mean an infestation is free of health risks. Even if most allergic reactions to a bed bug bite are moderate, some people may have more severe, whole-body reactions to a bite. 
  • Myth #2: Bed bugs only live around beds. Their name may contribute to this myth, but bed bug infestations aren't just limited to mattresses or beds. While these pests may prefer sleeping areas because it gives them easier access to humans, you can find them in almost any part of the house with regular human activity. 
  • Myth #3: Bed bugs are too small to see. A major misconception is that bed bugs are too small to see with the naked eye. Even if they don't grow larger than an apple seed, bed bugs are still visible throughout every life stage, and you don't need any special equipment to spot these critters crawling across your home. 
  • Myth #4: Bed bugs only happen in dirty homes. Bed bugs are parasites, so they aren't interested in eating food scraps or hiding in excess clutter. A bed bug's favorite meal is human blood, so they're just as likely to show up in clean homes as poorly maintained ones.
  • Myth #5: You can get rid of bed bugs on your own. Perhaps the most harmful myth is that you can get rid of bed bugs on your own. Whether you're dealing with a small infestation or a large one, the most effective approach to bed bug control is a professional one.

For total bed bug control, call the experts at Olson's Pest Technicians. 

Now Is The Time To Protect Your Worthing Home From Termites

One of the biggest mistakes homeowners make is trying to eliminate termites on their own – while DIY methods may look promising, most of these techniques are ineffective, and here's why. 

  • Orange oil: Orange oil is supposed to break down a termite's exoskeleton and kill any eggs, but this solution has some drawbacks. Not only does it only work for drywood termites, but you'd also have to apply it to every single termite in your home to eliminate the infestation. 
  • Cardboard traps: Since cellulose materials attract termites, some homeowners may leave out wet cardboard traps to lure them in. Once the termites are in the cardboard, you can set the trap on fire. Again, while this may get rid of some of your termites, it's unlikely to kill every single one – especially larvae and termite eggs. 
  • Sunlight: Leaving termite-infested furniture out in the sun is supposed to kill any termites and make the wood less attractive to future termites. However, killing termites takes more heat than a sunny day, and these pests will usually relocate to another structure. 

Rather than waste time and money on solutions like cardboard traps and orange oil that won't get the job done, the best way to deal with termites in Worthing is by enlisting professional help from Olson's Pest Technicians. 

If you're noticing some of the subtle signs of termites, or you'd just like an annual inspection of your home, there's no reason to wait. Contact us at Olson's Pest Technicians today for more information about how we can help eliminate termites from your home. 

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