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Bat Control In Yankton, SD

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Professional Bat Control For Your Yankton Home

Do you have bats in your Yankton, SD attic or basement? These creatures of the night often get a bad rap from their depiction in the media; but, while they aren’t going to transform into a coven of vampires, their presence in your home is dangerous nonetheless. Some bats carry and transmit rabies without showing symptoms, and their feces, or guano, are known to harbor fungi that cause the lung disease histoplasmosis. In addition, the sheer amount of droppings a bat produces is enough to attract other unwanted pests, cause your roof to cave in, and create further significant damage. 

If bats have taken up residence in your home, contact our bat control specialists at Olson’s Pest Technicians. Our expert pest control professionals have the training needed to safely remove bats and provide other pest elimination services in Yankton and surrounding areas. Unfortunately, the presence of bats may indicate another common pest problem Yankton homeowners often face – a termite infestation. Fortunately, we also offer premium termite control services.

Our Yankton Bat Control Service Offerings

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Attempting to remove bats from your home on your own is dangerous and may also be illegal, depending on the species and local laws. At Olson’s Pest Technicians, we follow all federal and local regulations regarding the safe removal of bats from your home. We also offer bat inspections, preventative treatments, and guano removal services to cover all areas of bat control solutions.

  • Bat Inspection

Bat inspection services include a thorough examination of your home, looking for possible entry points, signs of a bat presence, and taking note of damages caused by bats. This inspection will provide a clear picture of what kinds of problems we are up against, which helps us to make the proper treatment recommendations.

  • Bat Removal

We have found one-way doors to be the best bat removal tools. Therefore, we will install these doors in the appropriate areas to encourage the bats in your home to exit and prevent them from returning.

  • Bat Prevention

Our bat prevention services include thoroughly sealing entry points, professional chimney cap installation, and expert TAP® insulation installation and removal. TAP® insulation is innovative blown-in insulation that helps regulate temperature, reduces outside noise, and keeps pests out.

  • Bat Guano Removal

We go the extra mile for you and offer professional bat guano removal services. Once we have removed the problematic bats from your home, we will return to clean up and remove the droppings left behind. This service is convenient and helps to protect your health and safety.

Get Started With Professional Bat Control Services For Your Yankton, SD Home

While bats are an integral part of the pollination process and provide natural insect pest control due to their feeding habits, they do not belong in your home. However, if you are struggling to keep bats or other unwanted pests out of your house, our experienced team of pest control professionals at Olson’s Pest Technicians can help. We have the tools, experience, and knowledge to solve all of your pest control problems throughout our pest control services areas in Yankton, SD.

Contact us today for more information or to get started with premium pest control solutions for your home!

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Unfortunately, Yankton is home to many pests that will try to take over our spaces without proper management. To learn more information about other problematic animals and insects in the area, be sure to check out our blogs! They are packed with helpful information, including “A Helpful Guide To Spider Control For Sioux Falls Homes” and “The Trick To Getting Rid Of German Cockroaches In Sioux Falls.”

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