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Effective Harrisburg, SD Pest Control

Harrisburg, South Dakota, is a quaint little town with approximately 6,732 residents as of the 2020 census. Situated in Lincoln County, Harrisburg is considered a suburb of Sioux Falls. Harrisburg is known for its solid school system and the new sports complex and stadium built to host middle and high school athletic events. These things, along with its proximity to the big city of Sioux Falls, have made Harrisburg a great place for businesses to set up and families to settle down. However, with more people in the area comes more pests, as the pests cannot exist without us. The onslaught of pests is why Lincoln County pest control has become more important over the years. Pests are invading our homes and damaging our businesses. Keep reading to learn how Olson’s Pest Technicians can help you become pest-free today!

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Residential Pest Control In Harrisburg

Feeling safe in your home should be of the utmost importance. When pests invade, that sense of security is removed, and infestations can be not only embarrassing to admit but overwhelming and incredibly frustrating. The technicians here at Olson’s Pest Technicians have worked in the Upper Midwest for over 50 years. This experience with local pests has given us the ability to quickly and safely exterminate pests inside your home. Our technicians will start with an examination of your house and property. Once they have a better understanding of your situation, they will customize a home pest control treatment plan that adheres to the uniqueness of your infestation problem. Treatment is conducted with top-of-the-line treatments not available to the general public, and our technicians will then work with you to implement prevention strategies. After this is complete, we will conduct follow-up visits to ensure you are satisfied with the service and make certain pests have not returned. Pest infestations can happen to anyone, regardless of how clean or dirty your home is. Call Olson’s Pest Technicians today for kind, understanding service.

Commercial Pest Control In Harrisburg

Professional Lincoln County pest control has become a hot topic as more businesses have set up their establishments here in Harrisburg and the nearby cities. All it takes is one customer posting a bad review or photo of a pest in your establishment for you to end up with a public relations nightmare. Here at Olson’s Pest Technicians, we understand full-well how difficult running a business can be. That’s why we want to handle the pest problems for you. Following a similar formula as our residential treatment process, we will ensure that the commercial pest control treatment plan for your business is as unique as the situation at hand, ensuring that any pest infestation is exterminated quickly. Additional follow-up visits help to keep your business clean and completely pest-free. If you have a problem, don’t wait for it to get worse, and don’t try to handle it yourself; let us take care of it for you.

Five Tips For Keeping Your Harrisburg Property Ant-Free

Whether you own a home or a business in Harrisburg or want to enjoy the yard and physical building and be safe while in them are crucial. 

Below are five tips you can try for effective outdoor ant control:

  1. Watch where you grow your plants: Effective ant control begins outside. Be sure to keep shrubs, bushes, and other plants away from your home or business, as they attract ants.
  2. Sprinkle cornmeal: While not the most effective ant control out there, a simple thing you can do is to sprinkle cornmeal around areas you want to keep ants away from, such as bird feeder poles, plants, and trees.
  3. Rake the yard: An easy form of outdoor ant control is to rake the yard regularly. When you do this, the rake will destroy any ant mounds, displacing them and making it harder for them to set up shop.
  4. Draw chalk lines: Ants have a funny way about them; they don’t like to cross lines. Drawing lines in chalk on your pavement is another way to try and keep ants from coming too close to your yard or home.
  5. Call Olson’s Pest Technicians: The most effective form of ant control is professional treatment. Our sprays and other treatments are superior to DIY methods listed online, as these tools are not readily available to the public. Our knowledge of ants and their behavior allows us to safely and effectively exterminate entire ant colonies on your property for good.

How Attics Provide Dry, Sheltered Roosting For Bats In Harrisburg

While they may be cute, bat control is extremely important for Harrisburg residents. Below are some reasons why they might be roosting in your attic:

  • Shelter: Ultimately, bats are just looking for a dry, warm place to rest and shield themselves from the weather. An attic is typically dark, warm, and undisturbed, a perfect place for them.
  • Bats are nocturnal: Bats are nocturnal, meaning they prefer to be active at night. Having access to a dark place during the daylight hours is essential for them, making your dark attic very appealing.
  • Wood framing: Bats normally nest in trees, so an attic with wood framing makes it even more appealing to a bat that’s looking for a safe place to roost.

Because bats can spread diseases to humans, professional bat control from Olson’s Pest Technicians is crucial. Don’t try to remove the bats in your attic by yourself. Our technicians have the training required to safely remove them, ensuring nobody gets bitten or hurt in the process. If bats are roosting in your attic, give us a call today!

Bed Bug Precautions For Harrisburg Homeowners

Many people don’t give bed bugs a thought until the parasitic insects are already in their homes and causing itchy bites. But failing to understand and act on the ways bed bugs spread is a good way to wind up with a pest problem that impacts your health. 

Turn to experts who can tell you how to avoid bed bugs and quickly clamp down on them if they manage to get inside your Harrisburg home. Bed bugs are hitchhikers that cling to people, clothing, furniture, used items, and more. They are often tracked in by people or animals without us even realizing it. It doesn’t take long for a population to feed on you and your loved ones and spread throughout a property. At this point, DIY methods won’t work; you should instead turn directly to professionals for bed bug treatments. 

It’s this behavior and sudden appearance of bed bugs that makes them some of the most difficult to completely prevent. While there are certain precautions you can take, like thoroughly inspecting your luggage, clothing, and used items before bringing them back home with you, bed bugs can still happen to anyone. 

That’s why you need bed bug control in Harrisburg from Olson’s Pest Technicians. We know how to quickly and completely get rid of bed bugs, and how to educate customers on additional precautions they can take. 

Termites In Harrisburg: Fact Vs. Fiction

Termites are often misunderstood pests. People don’t realize how common and destructive they can be, but some folks also have an exaggerated understanding of what termite damage looks like. For these reasons, we’re taking a moment to separate termite fact from fiction and arm Harrisburg residents with all they need to know about invasive termites. 

Here are some of the key pieces of information you need to understand: 

  • Wood damage: People love to share images of termite damage online, as a way of scaring homeowners into acting. The truth is that termite damage is often subtle for a long time before it reaches the nightmare scenarios you see posted on social media. But this should inspire you to act earlier, as it’s proof that only pros can inspect your home and spot the earliest signs before termites become truly destructive. 
  • Species: Because they look and behave so much like ants, many people think termites are cousins of those other common invaders. Termites are actually more closely related to cockroaches than ants.
  • Inside and out: Termites don’t just pose a threat to structural wooden materials, though our homes are attractive to them for this reason. Termites can also cause property damage even if their colony is fully outside, as they damage trees that can collapse. 

The woes of an infestation demonstrate why you should partner with experts for termite control services in Harrisburg, South Dakota. Contact Olson’s Pest Technicians right away to get started on an inspection and treatment plan.

How To Win The Battle Against Cockroaches In Harrisburg

People tend to get so upset at the presence of pests in their homes that they will try anything to get rid of the problem on their own. But cockroaches aren’t an issue you want to try to handle by yourself. Cockroaches can survive the most common elimination methods, and they will simply hunker down even better inside your property to avoid future pest control efforts. 

Instead of turning to DIY methods, you should instead contact the experts at Olson’s Pest Technicians. We know how to eliminate cockroaches and address factors around your property that attract them in the first place. We treat your home and exterior to ward off cockroaches for the long term, as well as address access points and factors that might be attracting pests to your Harrisburg home. Get started on local cockroach control that actually works by contacting Olson’s Pest Technicians today.

DIY Spider Prevention Tips For Harrisburg Homeowners

Some pests can only be avoided by taking frequent steps to reduce your risk. House spiders demonstrate why you really need to reduce the factors that attract them to invade in the first place. 

Spiders are predators, meaning they aren’t attracted by the presence of crumbs on your floors, but rather by the presence of other pests that they can hunt. Overall pest control and addressing common factors found in any property can help: 

  • Access points: Spiders can fit through cracks or holes and tears in window screens. You should check these areas frequently, as well as the gaps around your doorways, and make repairs when needed. 
  • Wood storage: Spiders like woody environments, so storing firewood too close to your home just provides them with a base of operations that’s near enough to encourage an invasion. 
  • Moisture control: Spiders also like moist areas, as do the pests they hunt for food. Proper moisture control both inside and out in your yard is crucial for pest control. 

While we want you to become a spider prevention pro in your own right, the team at Olson’s Pest Technicians also knows that the best form of spider control in Harrisburg comes from overall pest prevention that experts can provide. 

Let us partner with you to keep your home free of spiders and other pests. Contact Olson’s Pest Technicians today.

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