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Founded in 1880, Pierre, SD, is a beautiful city with a historic downtown and tree-filled parks. There's so much to explore around the city, from the State Capitol to La Framboise Island Nature Area. As the state's capital city, Pierre has a reputation to uphold, and nothing ruins a good reputation quite like a pest infestation. All year long, Pierre homes and businesses are vulnerable to pest infestations, and that poses a real threat to you and everyone else on your property.

For complete residential and commercial pest solutions from common Pierre area pests, you can count on the team at Olson's Pest Technicians. We are a family owned and operated company that has provided dependable Hughes County pest control since 1966. Our team of skilled pest management professionals has over 80 years of combined experience in the world of pest control, and we bring a high level of expertise and professionalism to every job we do. Contact us to discuss your Pierre pest control needs today.

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Residential Pest Control In Pierre, SD

Pierre is an exciting place to live, but pest activity isn't the type of excitement any Pierre homeowner is looking to experience. Household pest infestations are a year-round threat, and getting professional pest protection is the best way to guard your home and your loved ones. Here at Olson's Pest Technicians, our residential pest control services include the following services:

  • Interior and exterior inspection of the property
  • Looking for active pests, signs of pest activity, and conducive conditions
  • Interior baseboard liquid treatment
  • Exterior liquid barrier treatments around the foundation, window sills, door frames, eaves, etc.
  • Wiping down spider webs and wasp nests
  • Ongoing service for exterior, interior if needed
  • Additional services available for termite control, bed bug control, and bat control 

Our team has serviced over 400 homes in the area with reliable residential pest solutions that last. With our pest-free guarantee and our same-day and emergency services, our clients feel comfortable knowing that we're there for them whenever they need us. Call today to learn more.

Commercial Pest Control In Pierre, SD

A business's reputation is everything. Your Pierre business relies on good word of mouth around town to bring in new customers. However, when pest activity enters the picture, your reputation is put on the rocks. Not only can an infestation threaten your ability to operate as a business, but it can harm your employees, your customers, your facility, and your bottom line.

Olson's Pest Technicians provides year-round commercial pest control services in Pierre that business owners can feel good about. We've serviced many different types of facilities, including schools, nursing homes, grain storage facilities, vacation rental properties, food processing facilities, property management, and many others. Whatever pest problem you're dealing with, we can help. We've been putting pests to rest since 1966, after all, so reach out to us today to get started.

Problems Bats Cause In Pierre Homes

Bats are hairy, winged pests that enter your home looking for shelter, food, and water. Often, they hide out in dark, remote areas like chimneys, attics, wall voids, and crawl spaces. Bats create their homes, or 'roosts,' inside your home's structure, causing some real problems for your property and those inside. Here are just some of the problems bats cause in Pierre homes:

  • Biting and infecting people and pets with diseases
  • Producing droppings that contain fungi and parasites
  • Rapid reproduction rates that quickly spread the infestation
  • Transmitting illnesses like rabies and histoplasmosis
  • Widespread contamination that threatens your health

The best way to deal with bat activity in your Pierre home is to contact the pest professionals. The Olson's Pest Technicians team has the experience necessary to deal with local area wildlife, and we're ready to provide you with total bat control services today. Give us a call today to set up your initial inspection.

Bed Bug Prevention Strategies For Homeowners In Pierre

A bed bug infestation can feel especially invasive. As nocturnal pests, bed bugs only emerge at night, and when they do, they feed on human blood while their prey sleep. Dealing with bed bugs is a real nightmare, and ideally, you should avoid getting bed bugs in the first place. Here are some beg bug prevention strategies for Pierre homeowners:

  • Eliminate excess clutter around the property. 
  • Examine secondhand clothing or furniture closely before bringing it inside.
  • Inspect all items for signs of bed bug activity before bringing them home. 
  • Steam clean upholstery, carpets, curtains, etc.
  • Utilize protective encasements for mattresses and box springs.
  • Wash and dry all linens, bedding, and clothing on high heat.

For quality bed bug inspection and control services, call Olson's Pest Technicians. We know where to look for bed bugs, how to identify an infestation, and what it takes to eliminate the problem completely. Reach out to us today to discuss your bed bug control needs.

How Dangerous Are Termites In Pierre?

The termites in Pierre pose a threat to property owners; however, it’s not usually for any issues that are related to health and well-being. These pests specialize in eating away at wood, which they do 24/7 until they are stopped. Termites of varying species are lured to wood, whether it’s been damaged due to moisture or simply because it exists. They are not discerning either; termites will invade homes, businesses, garages, sheds, schools, storage spaces, and anywhere else that contains wood. They are also known to eat away at crops and other natural items.

Part of what makes termites such a significant threat is their numbers. Infestations can range from several hundred colony members to a few million if given the chance. These colonies are typically located in places that the average person wouldn’t know to look or can’t access. This is usually how termite infestations go undetected for years in many cases. In the worst cases, termite damage can cause foundations to collapse and ceilings or walls to cave. They essentially render properties structurally unsound, which is very dangerous. Rather than have a termite infestation go unresolved or potentially attract termites unknowingly, call Olson’s Pest Technicians today for more information on termite control services in Pierre.

Pierre Homeowners Guide To Avoiding Cockroaches

Cockroaches have the potential to be a very hazardous pest for Pierre homeowners. They spread pathogens that lead to E. coli infections and salmonellosis and are notoriously difficult to eliminate. Here are some handy tips to keep these tenacious pests away:

  • Address moisture. One of the most attractive traits to cockroaches is water in all of its forms. To make a home less appealing to them, never ignore leaks, shut off faucets completely after using them, and keep areas like basements dry with dehumidifiers. 
  • Seal up openings. While some species of cockroaches will try to enter homes through drainage systems, others utilize crevices in foundations to gain access. To keep these roaches out, apply expanding foam or silicone-based caulk to cracks around your home’s exterior. 
  • Maintain cleanliness. Cockroaches will make a meal out of anything, so be sure to sweep, dust, and vacuum routinely. It’s also important to do dishes following meals, line garbage bins with bags and make sure they don’t overflow, and get rid of excess clutter.
  • Practice proper food storage. In addition to maintaining a tidy home, be sure to store pantry items and leftovers in sealed containers.
  • Seek help. Don’t take chances when it comes to cockroaches. Contact a trusted pest control company for ongoing cockroach prevention in Pierre. 

For more information on reliable cockroach control, call Olson’s Pest Technicians today.

What You May Not Know About Spiders In Your Pierre Home

If you come across spiders in your Pierre home, you might not know what species you're dealing with and whether or not they pose a threat to your well-being. There are many types of spiders that you could encounter, starting with the cellar spider. This species is very common and, as its name would suggest, typically lives in dark and dank basements. There are also wolf spiders that might seem intimidating because of their size, but they’re actually not considered a serious health risk to you. There are also species like the black widow and brown recluse that are two venomous spiders and will bite you if they feel threatened.

The spiders that end up in your home usually do so because there’s at least one active pest problem in your home or because your home provides moist conditions. Some of the pests that spiders eat include cockroaches, ants, gnats, mosquitoes, flies, and other spiders. For more information on spider control, call Olson’s Pest Technicians today.

Five Easy Tricks To Keep Ants Off Your Pierre Property

Ants are one of the most common pests that you could encounter on your Pierre property. With these five easy tricks, they don’t have to be:

  1. Clean up the yard. To reduce ant attraction, try to keep the yard around your property free from clutter. This means mowing frequently, raking leaves, and even storing trash in bins with proper lids. 
  2. Fix leaks. Ants thrive in damp conditions, so be sure to keep gutters and downspouts in good working order, keep fixtures free from leaks, and try to reduce moisture build-up wherever possible. 
  3. Be meticulous about cleanliness. One of the most attractive factors to ants is the presence of anything sweet, which is why keeping a tidy property is so important. Don’t let spills or crumbs accumulate, always rinse jars before disposing of them, and toss any fruits that might have gone bad. 
  4. Close off entry points. To actually keep ants from getting inside, fill crevices in your foundation with caulk and repair any worn window screens. 
  5. Seek professional assistance. Because ants are so easy to lure to your property, consider bringing in professional ant control in Pierre from a trusted pest control company. 

For more information on ant prevention for your home or place of business, call Olson’s Pest Technicians today. 

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