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Pest Control In Mitchell, SD

Effective Davison County Pest Control For Homes & Businesses

Mitchell is the 6th largest town in South Dakota and one of the most lively cities you will ever visit. With more than 15,254 residents living nearby, visitors have the opportunity to tour the World's Only Corn Palace and enjoy the unique architecture surrounding Dakota Wesleyan University.

Mitchell is a fascinating place filled with people and places from all walks of life. Unfortunately, this also tends to attract some less than desirable locals, including rats, spiders, and other common unwanted pests in Mitchell.

If you're tired of bugs, rodents, and other pests invading your Mitchell, SD home or business, call the team behind Olson's Pest Technicians today. We provide effective pest control services that remove many difficult pest species, all without breaking the bank. Give us a call today to learn more about our services, or submit an online contact form to get started on a plan that's right for you.

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Residential Pest Control In Mitchell, SD

Our experts at Olson's Pest Technicians have provided residential pest control solutions since 1966. Having treated thousands of local homes in and around Mitchell, we can truthfully say there is no job too big or problem too small for our team to repair.

We apply each of our residential pest control services to your home in three easy steps:

  1. We start each of our programs off with a thorough home inspection. By carefully looking through attics, basements, and exterior perimeters, we can quickly verify the presence of pests and their various species.
  2. Next, we start work on a treatment program that's right for you. We are passionate about keeping your home and family safe without exposing you to concentrated products, enhancing your health and wellness in many ways.
  3. Finally, our team will conclude our service visit by carefully checking for any missed spots or recurring pest activity. As a Quality Pro Certified and ISNet World Certified pest control company, our techs at Olson's Pest Technicians refuse to wrap up our services until we are 100% certain of their effect.

When you're ready to book your first residential pest control treatment, don't hesitate to reach out to Olson's Pest Technicians immediately. Get in touch with a Mitchell, SD professional by calling our office today.

Commercial Pest Control In Mitchell, SD

Business owners are under a lot of stress. From managing customers to buying inventory, there can be a lot to take care of all at once. When pests begin to invite themselves into your building, the situation compounds the stress even further. How can you eliminate pests and protect your clients while still finding time for yourself?

With over 80 years of combined experience, Olson's Pest Technicians are ready to serve in any commercial environment. Below is a list of business industries that we are proud to treat on a daily basis:

  • Grocery Stores
  • Restaurants
  • Medical Facilities
  • Multi-Family Housing
  • Industrial Buildings

With commercial pest control services in Mitchell from Olson's Pest Technicians, you can ensure your business is free from harmful pests during all hours of operation. We will work alongside you every step of the way to develop a customized treatment plan based on your specific needs. To learn more about how we can help protect your building, contact Olson's Pest Technicians today!

Why Do-It-Yourself Bed Bug Control Doesn't Work In Mitchell

Although it's a common question posed by local homeowners, the sad fact is that DIY bed bug control in Mitchell is not enough to protect your property from an infestation. Not only are bed bugs extremely resistant to natural remedies and over-the-counter treatments, but their multi-stage life cycle requires treatments that are inaccessible to home and business owners.

Want some real tips? Here's what you can do to ensure your home or business does not become infested with bed bugs:

  • Do not leave your luggage or personal belongings on the floor in a hotel room. In order to protect yourself from bed bugs, store items on a high shelf where bed bugs are unlikely to be.
  • If you're traveling by plane, train, bus or car, don't put your suitcase on the floor. Instead, place them on a clean and sturdy surface such as the seat next to yours.
  • Reach out to the trained professionals at Olson's Pest Technicians for bed bug inspections and treatments.

Although DIY bed bug control seems like an attractive option for many homeowners in need of pest management help, the fact remains that hiring professionals always provides better results. Let Olson's Pest Technicians show you how we solve bed bug problems today!

Mitchell's Ultimate Guide To Cockroach Control

Think there might be cockroaches scurrying around your home? Check out these helpful tips for keeping them at bay.

  • Mop, sweep, and vacuum often to remove crumbs.
  • Mitigate high levels of moisture with a dehumidifier.
  • Find new ways of protecting your home with Olson's Pest Technicians.

Call, click, or visit one of our experts today to get the ball rolling on your cockroach control plan.

About Bat Protection Laws In Mitchell

Bats may be little furry invaders that Mitchell residents don’t want in their homes, but it is important to know that they are protected to a certain degree. If these animals have gotten into a home, they cannot be harmed without state permission. The most ideal way to address bats is to kindly and ethically relocate them.

Because bats are a protected species in the area, at Olson’s Pest Technicians, we act with thorough detail and care. Our service begins with an in-depth attic inspection. This will tell our technicians where bats are roosting and help them locate any amount of damage. From there, we’ll install one-way doors that gently encourage bats to leave the property. To ensure that they don’t return, we’ll perform exclusion work to seal off any potential entry points in the future. We may also install a chimney cap, recommend TAP® insulation installation, and offer sanitation services to deal with the aftermath of guano build-up. For more information on bat control services in Mitchell, call us today. 

Termites Can Undermine The Structural Integrity Of Your Mitchell Home

Termites are responsible for approximately five billion dollars in damage to homes each year. They eat away at wood nonstop and can make your Mitchell home their next target. While some of the effects of termite activity might seem superficial, they can actually impact the structural integrity of your home.

Some of the issues that termite damage can lead to include:

  • Windows and doors that don’t close properly
  • Uneven wood flooring or kitchen tiles
  • Sinking ceilings
  • Hollowed-out walls
  • The presence of mud tubes
  • Bubbling wall paint
  • Foundations that are unstable

At Olson’s Pest Technicians, we provide premium services so that you can have total peace of mind. Our service starts with a complete property inspection so that our technicians can locate the source of your termite problem and understand its extent. Once we’ve determined what your needs are, we will use either a Termidor® application or install the Sentricon® bait station. These two products are for unique reasons; however, both are highly regarded in the industry. We also offer pre-construction treatments, monitoring services, and pre-purchase inspections for new homebuyers. Because we offer a wide range of termite services, we are able to make sure that your home is always protected. For more information on termite control services in  Mitchell, call us today!

Natural Ant Prevention Tips For Mitchell Homes

Mitchell residents can expect to encounter ants in their homes throughout the year because they can fit through nearly any crack they find and are attracted to so many different things.

Here are a few tips to keep them away naturally:

  • Consider new storage options: Sweet foods are one of the first things that ants will go after but they aren’t very discerning. Instead of keeping snacks in their store packaging, think about sealed containers instead. 
  • Close up openings: To try and keep ants from getting inside, homeowners should keep their window screens in good condition, use door sweeps, and apply caulk to cracks in foundations. 
  • Try to be tidy: In order to further deter ants, keeping a clean home is key. This entails vacuuming, sweeping, and scrubbing countertops on a routine basis. Be sure to remove all signs of food residue as well as spills of substances like hand soap. 
  • Fix water issues: Ants can be lured by moisture, so keep downspouts running smoothly and shut off faucets after using them. 
  • Work with a pro: The most trusted way to keep ants from becoming an issue for homeowners is with professional help from a pest expert. 

For more information on ant control, call Olson’s Pest Technicians today. 

How Can You Prevent Spiders In The Mitchell House?

While spiders are a typical pest problem for Mitchell homeowners, there are a few key steps that you can take to try to keep them out of your home. Those steps include:

  • Clean up your yard: Start by removing exterior spider attractions, which include sticks, twigs, leaf piles, and hedge trimmings. It’s also important to keep rock piles and firewood in neat piles and sweep away any cobwebs that you find in these areas. 
  • Address all moisture issues: Whether you install a dehumidifier in your basement or make sure that crawl spaces are free from moisture collection, addressing all moisture problems is key. 
  • Keep things clean: Food build-up and trash are largely responsible for many of the pests that spiders eat, like ants, flies, and roaches. To keep them away, be diligent about trash removal, clean counters and floors routinely, and use sealed containers for food storage. 
  • Close off entry points: You can add a level of protection from spiders by filling in the gaps and cracks around your foundation with caulk and replacing worn window screens. 
  • Ask for help: If you’re looking for the most reliable answer to keeping spiders out of your house, consider reaching out to a trusted pest expert for ongoing support. 

For more information on spider control for your home, please call Olson’s Pest Technicians for more information. 

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