Everything You Should Know About House Spider Control In Sioux Falls


House spider infestations are common across the Sioux Falls area. But how dangerous are they? Well, most of the time, not very. All spider species are venomous, but most spiders in our area don’t have venom potent enough to put you in any more danger than a bee sting. A bite might hurt and leave a swollen, red welt that itches for a day or two, but most of the time, that will be it. Of course, there are a few exceptions. Spiders should be part of your Sioux Falls pest control plan. 

What Kind Of Spiders Might I Encounter In Sioux Falls?

We’ve got tons of different types of spiders here in South Dakota. Hobo spiders and yellow garden spiders are pretty common, as are wolf spiders. You may also find barn funnel weavers, yellow garden spiders, and several different cobweb spiders. None of these spiders is anything to worry about. Their venom is not potent enough to cause harm. However, there is one spider species you do have to worry about in our state. 

Are Most House Spiders Dangerous?

As we said above, all spiders are venomous, but most of the spiders in our area do not have venom potent enough to pose a serious threat to humans. The one exception to this general rule is the black widow spider. The western black widow is typical throughout our area, and its venom is potent enough to be considered medically significant. This doesn’t mean black widows are deadly spiders. Instead, their bites cause severe symptoms that usually need medical intervention. 

In the case of black widows, you may experience systemic symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, muscle cramps, and confusion. However, these symptoms will not often be life-threatening for healthy adult humans. Pets and kids are a different story. Small children and animals may be in mortal danger from a black widow bite, so it’s vital to seek medical attention for these vulnerable populations as soon as they’re bitten. 

Five Ways To Deter Spiders In Sioux Falls

There are lots of ways to keep local spiders out of your South Dakota home:

  • Seal cracks and holes in your home’s exterior to make it harder for spiders to enter. 
  • Sweep away cobwebs to encourage the spiders building them to move on. 
  • Declutter to eliminate spider hiding places.
  • Keep branches and limbs trimmed back away from your home and lawn grass cut short. 
  • Take measures to prevent everyday spider-prey items from infesting your home. 

Of all the items on this list, the last one is the most important. Spiders aren’t attracted to anything in your home – unless it’s infested with a bug they like to eat. If your house is full of cockroaches, silverfish, flies, and other spider prey, you can bet it’ll be full of spiders. That’s why it’s vital to take pest control measures to prevent prey infestations if you want to prevent spider infestations. 

Total Spider Control For Your Home Or Business

If you already have a spider infestation, they can be tough pests to get rid of. Spiders are one of the best pests in the hiding business. They’re adept at avoiding contact with people, so it can be challenging for you even to find them to kill them. That’s why you’ll need professional help. Here at Olson’s Pest Technicians, we have the tools and the know-how to eliminate any spider species infesting your South Dakota home. So don’t wait. Click or call today for total spider elimination!

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