What Happens To The Bats In Sioux Falls In The Winter?

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Bats tend to hibernate during the winter; this can mean bad things for your Sioux Falls home and inspire you to learn how to control bats in your house if your property becomes their favorite hibernation spot.

Where Do Bats In Sioux Falls Hibernate For The Winter?

In the winter, some species of bats will migrate, while others will pick locations to hibernate. While most bats will choose rock crevices, caves, or mines to roost for the winter, some unlucky property owners find a large number of bats in their attics, walls, or barns. And because bats require specific conditions to properly hibernate (and a temperature between 35 and 40 degrees Fahrenheit), they may enter into the main parts of your home from time to time when a temperature change lulls them out of hibernation.

Are Bats In Sioux Falls Dangerous To Humans?

Bats in Sioux Falls can be dangerous to humans, most notably because of the diseases they carry and the droppings (commonly known as guano) they leave behind. Diseases that you may contract from bats include rabies, histoplasmosis, salmonellosis, and yersiniosis. Individuals in your home may also be exposed to external parasites that bats carry, such as fleas, ticks, and mites.

Additionally, bat guano is a major transmitter of diseases because it releases spores when disturbed; it must be cleaned up using proper equipment. Bat pest control from the professionals at Olson's Pest Technicians is required to completely remove guano from your property.

What Do I Do About Bats Hibernating On My Sioux Falls Property?

If you have bats hibernating on your Sioux Falls property, your first step should be to contact the bat control experts at Olson's Pest Technicians. Our professionals will inspect your bat problem and provide you with targeted solutions and advice on how to control bats in your house. They will also provide you with assistance removing guano from your property so that you can live safely and without risk of illness.

For humane bat control and peace of mind, contact Olson's Pest Technicians and benefit from the best way to control bats in Sioux Falls.

Effective Bat Prevention Tips For Sioux Falls Properties

If you are wondering how to control bats that have entered your Sioux Falls property, you can benefit from the prevention tips below. The best way to control bats in Sioux Falls is to engage in proactive prevention to stop these pests from invading your home in the first place.

  • Cover any entry points around your attic and roof with plastic sheeting or bird netting. You can find entry points by watching when bats leave your home at dusk. Permanently seal all openings when the bats are gone.
  • Invest in window and door screens, chimney caps, and door sweeps to help keep bats from entering any part of your home. Seal up gaps and cracks around utility lines and keep exterior entrances closed as often as possible.
  • Place mothballs in sacks and hang them around the areas bats frequent. The smell will deter them from settling in those places.

And remember, bat pest control provided by Olson's Pest Technicians is essential in removing an ongoing infestation as safely as possible. Trust the bat control experts to fully eradicate this pest from your home and to engage in humane bat control that leaves your house happily bat-free.

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