What To Do About Carpenter Ants In Your Sioux Falls Home

carpenter ants

Ants are such common nuisance pests that sometimes, we hardly notice them or assume they will go away on their own. Black carpenter ants in your home, though, are a different story. Carpenter ants in Sioux Falls are more than a nuisance; they can cause damage to your house. 

To avoid carpenter ant damage to your home, we recommend contacting a Sioux Falls pest control company at the first signs of carpenter ants. Read on to learn more about how to identify these ants and what type of damage they can cause. We’ll also give some carpenter ant prevention tips and let you know the best way to get rid of them for good.

How To Identify Carpenter Ants Around Your Home

Black carpenter ants are their most common color, although they can also be red or a combination of the two colors. They are larger than most ants, varying in size between ½ and ? of an inch long. 

These ants nest inside the walls of your house, and therefore you won’t often see them. Carpenter ant swarmers on your Sioux Falls property are the surest sign of a nest in your home. These winged ants signify a nest that has been around for a while. 

You may also notice a few other signs of carpenter ants, such as small holes in wood surfaces or sawdust-like shavings near the holes. Sometimes you may hear rustling in the walls where the ants are working.

The Extent Of Damage Carpenter Ants Can Do To Your Home

Prompt identification of these pests can help you avoid carpenter ant damage to your house. If you notice any signs of carpenter ants, contact a pest control company for the most effective ant control as soon as possible. These ants are not pests that will go away on their own; if left unchecked, they can cause significant damage.

Carpenter ants do not eat wood like termites; they chew through it to build galleries where they nest. They don’t typically cause as much damage as termites but ignoring the problem can allow them to cause structural damage. Promptly enlisting the help of a pest company for carpenter ant control in your house can save you a lot of headaches, time, and money.

Five Carpenter Ant Prevention Tips To Implement Around Your Home   

Carpenter ants in your house can cause problems without you even being aware of their presence. Here are five ant prevention tips to help deter them:

  1. Eliminate sources of moisture in your home by repairing leaky pipes and fixtures.
  2. Seal any cracks and gaps outside your house to help prevent them from getting in. 
  3. Store firewood and building lumber at least 20 feet away from your home.
  4. Keep branches, and bushes cut back away from your house.
  5. Carpenter ants build their nests in soft, water-damaged wood, so promptly remove and replace any damaged wood. 

While these prevention tips can help you avoid carpenter ant damage to your home, the most effective deterrence comes from pest management professionals.

Call The Pros At The First Sign Of Carpenter Ants in Your House  

Carpenter ants in Sioux Falls homes can cause much damage. If you notice carpenter ant swarmers on your Sioux Falls property, likely, they have already made a nest in the wood of your house.

At Olson’s Pest Technicians, we know carpenter ants, what attracts them, and how to get rid of them for good. At the first sign of carpenter ants in your house, contact us to eliminate them before they can cause any damage. Call today to request your free estimate to protect your home from these troublesome pests.

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