What To Do About Termites Around Your Sioux Falls Home


Sioux Falls is well-known for its natural beauty, boasting plentiful greenery and picturesque local parks and hiking trails. Along with the beautiful landscapes of South Dakota, however, Sioux Falls homes also frequently fall victim to unwanted pests and infestations. One of the most common dangers facing homeowners in Sioux Falls are termites and, in particular the eastern subterranean termite species. Pest control companies in Sioux Falls are vital for keeping these pests at bay and reducing the dangers they pose as much as possible. 

Where Do Termites Come From? 

There are many common factors that can attract termites into your home or property that homeowners in Sioux Falls should be aware of. All species of termite are attracted to wood but differ in their preference for various types of wood, such as damp wood and dry wood termites. Damp wood and dry wood termites tend to live inside of the wood that they consume and can be easily brought into the home unknowingly inside of firewood or lumber wood.

The most frequent termite residents of Sioux Falls have to guard against eastern subterranean termites, live underground in moist soil, and will infest any type of wood they can reach from the ground. These termites cannot survive when exposed to open air and therefore construct mud tubes to traverse between the soil and the wood that they consume. These mud tubes can be used to enter any cracks in the home where wood is present or any wood they can reach underground around the foundation. Reach out to a local termite company to see if your property is at risk for a termite infestation. 

Are Termites Dangerous? 

An infestation of termites on your property is an extremely dangerous situation, and homeowners should act immediately if they have any suspicions termites are inside or around their home. Although termites do not tend to harm humans directly by biting or spreading disease, they are extremely destructive and can cause severe financial hardships if left uncontrolled. These pests will silently eat away at the wood of your home, causing structural damage to areas such as the foundation, door and window frames, and any other parts of the property made of wood. 

Unlike most other pests, termites stay almost completely out of sight; they live underground, or within the wood they consume and will not be seen scuttling around the floors of the house. The fact that they remain inconspicuous while potentially destroying the foundation of a property makes them especially dangerous. 

How To Get Control Of Termites? 

If you think you have a termite problem on your property, all termite specialists for your Sioux Falls property will urge you to take immediate action. Luckily, homeowners can utilize several methods to help reduce the threats posed by these dangerous pests. Here are some of the top termite prevention recommendations by termite specialists for your Sioux Falls property. 

  • Eliminate wood making contact with the ground as much as possible on your property. 
  • Replace the soil around the property with sand where possible. 
  • Avoid stacking fire or lumber wood near the house. 
  • Apply boric acid to any cracks in the walls, floors, or ceilings to kill termites. 
  • Clean out pipes and gutters regularly as they are commonplace for termites to hide 

Local termite companies can help educate homeowners in Sioux Falls about effective termite prevention strategies. Call Olson's Pest Technicians to get personalized advice for your property.

Can I Prevent Termites From Future Infestations? 

While there are measures homeowners can take that are effective at preventing termite problems before they occur and reducing the potential damage caused by an infestation, complete termite removal requires professional service. Our team of experts at Olson's Pest Technicians have been serving areas throughout the Upper Midwest for over 80 years and are both highly experienced and accomplished in the pest control industry, including termite removal and prevention. Reach out to us today to learn more about our termite control options. 

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