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Commercial Pest Control In Yankton, SD

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Reliable Pest Control For Your Yankton Business

Every business owner knows it's important to keep local pests in Yankton out of their facility, but few are aware of just how many issues a pest infestation can cause. Although a pest infestation can indeed give a bad name to your business, that's just the beginning of the problems pests cause. They will also damage your property, spread dangerous pathogens around your facility, and negatively impact your revenue. In extreme cases, a pest infestation can even shut your business down.

Pest control is essential for businesses of all sizes in all industries. Whether your business is dealing with an active pest infestation or not, it's wise to put protections in place to avoid future problems. Olson's Pest Technicians provides commercial pest control in Yankton and a large area of the Upper Midwest. Our reliable services stop active pest threats and prevent new ones.

What To Expect From Our Commercial Pest Control Services

Identifying the pests on your property and the factors that are attracting them allows us to treat your facility with the methods that will most effectively protect your business from pests. We'll inspect both the exterior and interior of your commercial facility to look for active pests, signs of pest activity and conducive conditions.

After our inspection, we'll create a treatment plan for your business. All businesses receive a baseboard treatment on the interior and a barrier treatment around the exterior, and we'll also wipe down spider webs and wasp nests. Other treatments are dependent on the specific pest control needs of your business.

Follow-up services keep your business free of pests through each upcoming season. We'll customize a follow-up schedule that meets your needs and protects your business.

Facilities We Service


For the protection of the students and staff, your school building must remain pest-free. Olson's Pest Technicians will protect your school from pests of all kinds.

Nursing Homes

Protecting the people in your care requires you to maintain a pest-free facility for them. Olson's Pest Technicians can help with commercial pest control for your nursing home.

Grain Storage Facilities

Keeping pests out of grain stores is essential to avoiding contaminated food. Let Olson's Pest Technicians keep your grain storage facilities pest-free.

Vacation Rental Properties

Good reviews mean everything when you're trying to rent out your vacation property successfully. Let Olson's Pest Technicians keep your property pest-free.

Food Processing Facilities

A pest infestation in your food processing facility is bad news for the food, your equipment, and more. Protect it all with the help of Olson's Pest Technicians.

Property Management

Keeping properties in good working order ensures the satisfaction of your tenants. Protect your properties from pests by partnering with Olson's Pest Technicians.

Why You Should Choose Olson's Pest Technicians

Your business is important to you and the community you serve. If you need pest control, Olson's Pest Technicians:

  • Has been in business for over 55 years.
  • Has over 80 years of combined experience in the pest control industry.
  • Serves a large area of the Upper Midwest.
  • Customizes our services to meet the needs of the individual businesses we serve.
  • Is QualityPro Certified.
  • Guarantees our services.
  • Offers emergency and same-day services.
  • Provides pest-specific solutions like termite control and bat control services.
  • Is locally owned and operated.
  • Is family owned and operated.
  • Is ISNetworld Certified.
  • Is a member of the National Pest Management Association.

Pest Protection For Your Yankton Business

Protecting your business from pests is vital to the overall health and success of your business. If pests are allowed to get in, they will wreak havoc that you do not want to have to deal with. Our pest experts at Olson's Pest Technicians have provided pest control solutions in Yankton and the surrounding areas since 1966. We provide reliable, effective pest control tailored to the needs of your business. To learn more about our services or to request an inspection, contact us! We look forward to serving you.